Making Communities Work & Grow (MCWG) was founded in 1995 by a group of local community members primarily from the North African community. The aim of the organisation was to cater for the North Kensington community, in particular individuals from North African descent and to provide activities and opportunities for these individuals to better themselves.

MCWG has been heavily involved within the North Kensington community and has worked with RBKC and many other partners to provide an outlet and opportunities to the community which otherwise they may not receive. We have helped tackle many social ills and issues such as anti-social behaviour, knife crime, youth violence, and domestic violence. 

Over the years, MCWG has evolved and slowly moved away from focusing solely on youth work and started to incorporate activities for the entire community serving a variety of different age groups. We believe this new approach works better towards achieving some of our aims and goals for a better, happier, safer, successful and healthier North Kensington community.


Redouan Ahmadi

Redouan serves as the chairman for Making Communities Work and Grow and is a well known figure within the North African community and has been residing within North Kensington for over 40+ years

Tarik Ellekhlifi

Tarik serves as the vice chair for Making Communities Work and Grow and is a qualified football coach. Tarik holds  a Sports Science Degree (BsC) and a lot of his work with the community focuses around coaching football and sport to underprivileged communities and youths.

Aicha Bendayhia

Aicha serves as the secretary for Making Communities Work and Grow and currently works as a deputy manager at a local nursery. Outside of her work Aicha dedicates her time to helping the community through educational and social initiatives and activities and has volunteered at several local charities within RBKC.

Abdel Ali Llamsadi

Abdel Ali is a qualified Maths teacher with a background in mechanical construction. He also volunteers in the local community within various different projects and specialises in teaching and education.

Said Ajban

Said is a well known and respected figure within the North Kensington and Moroccan community. He holds a degree in Law and a BSc in Modern Literature. He has a lot of experience and knowledge within the charity sector through his role as a trustee as well as a volunteer with different organisations.


Shahnawaz Ismail


Shahnawaz Ismail (Ismail) serves asĀ the director for Making Communities Work and Grow.Ā Ismail has a keen interest for sports and initiating and developing projects that focus around community engagement, community cohesion and personal development.

Mustapha Bouharrak

Gymnastics Instructor

Mustapha serves as the gymnastics teacher and fitness instructor at Making Communities Work and Grow. Mustapha is a qualified personal trainer, gymnastics instructor and swimming teacher. He likes to help children and youth build their confidence through the medium of sport.

Anuar Regrag

Headteacher Supplementary School

Anuar Regrag is the headteacher of our weekend Arabic supplementary school (al Amaana). He holds a Masters degree in Statistics and is a qualified Maths teacher and currently teaches at a secondary school in London.

Amal Ramzy

After School Club Teacher

Amal specialises in KS1-KS4 Maths, English and Science, with 7+ years’ tutoring experience and a background of working with children from all different ages and levels covering all the core subjects. Amal currently works across schools in London as a tutor on a government scheme introduced post-covid to help boost pupils’ literacy levels.

ShamaaĀ Hdiouad

Girl's Youth Worker - Lead

ShamaaĀ is the lead youth worker for the girl's youth provision at Making Communities Work and Grow. She is aĀ qualified teacher specialising in SENDĀ and currently works with children in KS1-KS2. She loves football, baking and is an outdoor enthusiast.

Policies and Procedures

Safeguarding Policy

Please click here to view our safeguarding policy. This policy will give you detailed information on who our designated safeguarding leads are, how and who to contact if you have a concern regarding the safety of a vulnerable person or a child.


Complaints Procedure

Please click here to view our complaints procedure. This procedure outlines how to make a complaint and the different ways in which we will handle a complaint.