Our Past & Present

MCWG was set up to cater for the needs of disadvantaged young people and to help tackle the complicated, personal and social problems our community faced
Our services are now accessed by the wider BME community; This makes the work we do vital for our community as the obstacles and problems they face are not always fully understood by mainstream organisations and local authority bodies.  The majority of problems and difficulties faced by our community are no different from the problems faced by other communities in deprived areas; Poverty, lack of adequate educational support and unemployment are all factors affecting the lives of our community members. 
In addition, the issues that are specifically affecting our youth and other youth communities in Britain, are alienation and disengagement. This is particularly the case with our younger service users, who are now facing a massive predicament about identity which if not addressed, can lead towards the further isolation and social exclusion of the young people in our community.

Our Future

Our aim is to encourage young people and families to aspire to achieve their full potential so that They realise that they have a unique contribution to make to the social, cultural and economic future of their community.           

We plan to achieve this by doing the following:


  •  Enabling and encouraging children, young people, and families to actively participate in society and influence the issues and decisions that affect their lives.
  • Providing informal certificated learning opportunities to promote personal development self‐esteem.
  • Providing an effective support service for young people and families which meets direct needs and empowers people to bring a positive change from child to adult.
  • Enhancing the employability skills and prospects of young people in need and working hard with individuals who are hard to reach for example BME families who are in need of support progression within society.
  • Contributing to improving the health and well‐being of the young people and families in our community.