Ahmed Bhairien

Service Manager

Ahmed has been with MCWG since the very beginning. His work within the community and constant networking with local authorities has allowed us to keep moving forward with our aims and objectives. 

Ahmed is usually the first point of contact with anyone looking for more information about MCWG.


MON: 9AM - 5PM

TUE: 9AM - 5PM

WED: 9AM - 5PM


You can contact Ahmed on 0208 969 0722 / 0781 451 7086 or  feel free to drop in for a chat.

Abdur-Rahman El-Guerbouzi

Youth Club Manager

Abdur-Rahman has been managing the boys youth club for 20 years and helps to maintain the consistency in delivering our aims and objectives year by year. 

MCWG believes in our community and Abdur-Rahman delivers this to our boys through projects, events and residentials that help educate and enrich their lives.


THU: 7PM - 10PM

FRI:   7PM - 10PM

SAT: 7PM - 10PM

You can contact Abdur-Rahman on 0781 451 6985 or  feel free to drop in for a chat.